06 April 2006

Using the BlogMad Traffic Exchange

Similar to BlogExposion, a new traffic exchange service called BlogMad. If works pretty much the same, you spend time searching other member's blogs and earn credits doing so. Then you spend those credits to get other people to come to your blog. In fact BlogMad might be better than BlogExplosion in that BlogMad offers a 1:1 ratio, so for every blog you visit you'll get one visit to your site. Plus, its a fun way to search other people's blogs and accomplish something in the process, and completely free...

Remember to leave thoughtful comments on other people's blogs to help them and help your own site.

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Anonymous mboy said...





Sorry nothing thoughtful but here from BM.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surfed in from BlogMad!
boy does it rock!
thanks for the tips :)))))

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Colin said...

I have used Blogmad in the past. You get a credit for each site you view so that is primarily what people do. According to my stats 95% of every bogmad referral just stays for the 20 seconds so they can get one more credit.

This boost in traffic sure looks good in your stats but if you can track what those users are doing you will notice it isn't worth the time.

All of those "get traffic quick" things dont work in my opinion.

11:49 AM  

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